Madame Yotta

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Dr Usman wonders what has happened:

Yotta Celeste

Thursday is gone and today(Friday ) is almost gone. What is your progress and why the silence?


Yotta's sister, Mary, answers:

Dear Mr Shamsudeen,

You do not know me but from my reading of your email you knew my sister Yotta.

Mr Shamsudeen, do you know where Yotta is?

I came to visit her on Thursday night, as I do every week, and found her table set for our meal. The meal was actually on the table. There was even wine in the glasses. But neither the wine not the meal was touched.

Two candles in the centre of the table were burning. The police estimate that they had been burning for no more than an hour. (I think they measured the length or something).

But Yotta, my dear little Yotta, was nowhere to be seen.

I have been staying here waiting, hoping for her return. Every noise, every squeak, every thump of that bloody possum on the room, has had me jumping up to go to the front door to see if it is her.

But nothing. I am so worried, Mr Shamsudeen.

This morning I started going through her personal effects looking for clues and I came across your email.

What were you to Yotta? A friend? A CLOSE friend? Bluntly put, were you sleeping with her? Are you in Melbourne? Can I meet you and talk to you about Yotta, perhaps there is some clue you can give me to where she may be.

I am going to be staying here in Yotta's house until I find her.

Please tell me all you know.

Yours faithfully,

Mary Celeste.

(The "Mary Celeste" was a ship found in the Atlantic in 1872 with no sign of damage, plenty of food, water and alcohol, everything literally ship-shape....just no crew on board. No-one knows why.)

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