Madame Yotta

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Madame Yotta, Clairvoyant, responds.

My Dear Dr Usman,

Thank you so much for your recent fax.

I, of course, knew you would call. It was written in the stars; beholden in the cards; entangled in the chicken entrails; written in the gritty sands of our hopelessly entwined destiny.

Such things are clearly visible to me. Tomorrow will be fine with the possibility of showers.

Please be advised that, should you transfer the outstanding amount of $10 Million US Dollars to my account I will be more than happy to give you 15%. Quite frankly I can see no good reason why we should not share it 50-50.

Please advise me of the next step. Obviously, as a clairvoyant, I already know it but must take the prudent step of asking you to spell it out.

Madame Yotta,
Psychic and clairvoyant.

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