Madame Yotta

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Dr Usman confesses to topsy-turvy dreams. For example, he says he is not a crook.

Yotta Celeste

I got your mail. I beleive in dreams but usually my dreams turns to be opposite of the dream. If I dream of Good, it turns out negative and If I dream negatively it turns out positively.

I am not a crook.And it bits my imagination as to why you think western Union is for crooks. I only beleive it is the qucikest way to send and receive funds same day.

I shall expect your details of the Western Union so that we can have the accoount opened directly at Allstates before the end of today.

Expecting to read from you soon.


And Madame Yotta has a topsy-turvy visit to Western Union.

Dear Dr Usman,

You would not believe what happened!

I went to Western Union, as promised, and was standing in line waiting my turn at the counter and *WHAM* a lady in the queue ahead of me was hit by a flying pig!

I told you you wouldn't believe it. I wish I didn't either.

I have attached a newspaper clipping about it so you can read it for yourself.

It was my dream, Dr Usman!! My dream!! The poor lady was most definitely bushed by a ham! I should have paid more heed to it all. I feel so wretched that maybe I could have stopped this terrible thing happening.

Western Union has been shut while police finish their enquiries and the window gets replaced. It should reopen on Thursday.

I will probably sleep until then anyway.

Yours in shock,

Yotta Celeste.

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