Madame Yotta

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SURPRISE! Western Union rears its head.

Funny that...

Yotta Celeste

Thanks for your mails. It is now crystal clear where the delay lies. Nevertheless,

I do urge you to facilitate quickly the account opening process. If possible, I can advice you to send the money through my secretary, Mrs Pauline Goodman, of 15 ijaiye Road, Ikeja Lagos via western Union Money transfer for her to go over to their counter and make a direct payment and obtain a receipt.

Through this way we can be assured of where the fund is and the account can be opened quicker. Time is of important here so that the funds already allocated for your payment will not be channeled to other avenues. For your information, Nigeria is heading towards general elections and if this process is further delayed, the funds could be used for another purposes.

Happy weekend.


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