Madame Yotta

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Dr Usman is sympathetic.

Yotta Celsete,

I got your mail and it seems this account officer does not know his right from left.

I will forward a complaint against him as he is full of mistakes and does not strick me as a professional banker.

Forward to me any message going to him and whatever his response may be.

I have observed you always include my email address to messages you send to them inform of copying me. Pls dis continue this attittude as it is rather exposing my involvement to the banks management.

I await your futher information.


Terribly sorry, old chap!

Dear Dr Usman,

It was not my intention to put you in a compromised position, I only wished to let you realise that hold ups in the processes were were not of my doing.

I have every wish, and indeed need, for this wretched process to finish quickly. It has dragged on for far too long.

Yours celestially,


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