Madame Yotta

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Ossy gets on, and off, his high horse.

Valued customer,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your mail. All this arguments and counter arguments is uncalled for. If you wish to establish your account with us go ahead and do so by effecting payments in the account of our agents as earlier instructed.

What I wrote is Fifteen hundred dollarsUSD$1500.= and not fifteen thousand ($15,000) as claimed by you. Even in the account opening form, the amount is stated therein clearly.

I wouldn,t know what you mean by putting acts together but we can not do more than providing normal services to our clients.

Yours faithfully,

Ossy Olaniyi
Customer services Dept.

Cop this, Ossy me ol' mate:

> Valued customer.
> I am in receipt of your mail. We do have an account in London which is
> strickly for the banks transactions.
> The USD$15000= is not meant for the bank. It is still your funds hence the use
> of an agent. It will also interest you to note that the opeining of account
> deposit is usually made physically in our bank. This can be done by your
> veryself or an appointed attorney or delegated authority.
> While striving to serve you better I take exceptions to your use of language
> and choice of words on my person.
> Yours faithfully,
> Ossy Olaniyi
> Account officer/Customer services Dpt.

Please note the amount.

It certainly looks like $15000 to me.

Madame Yotta Celeste.


Madame Yotta Celeste,

Valued Customer,

I have observed your clarification. It was a typographical error. The actual figure should have $1500= and not $15000=

The emberrasment is regreted.

Ossy Olaniyi
Customer Services Dept.

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