Madame Yotta

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Ossy, the slack bank man, takes a little offence.

But not too much. I haven't sent any money yet.


Valued customer.

I am in receipt of your mail. We do have an account in London which is strickly for the banks transactions.

The USD$15000= is not meant for the bank. It is still your funds hence the use of an agent. It will also interest you to note that the opeining of account deposit is usually made physically in our bank. This can be done by your veryself or an appointed attorney or delegated authority.

While striving to serve you better I take exceptions to your use of language and choice of words on my person.

Yours faithfully,

Ossy Olaniyi
Account officer/Customer services Dpt.

Madame Yotta is largely unrepentant:

Dear Sir,

I admit that my comments were a bit harsh. And for where they were wrong, I apologise.

But they were intended to get you to pull yourself together. I am not feeling that your bank is presenting itself as a strictly professional one.

This is not a healthy feeling in a bank client.

Should it spread through the rest of your clients then they will desert you in scenes reminiscent of the migration of the wildebeest across the Serengeti.

My confidence has not been helped by your latest email.

It requests $15,000 to initiate the account. Last week it was only $1,500.

Obviously as a clairvoyant I think I know the answer but perhaps it would be best if you explain this discrepancy.

Yours sincerely,

Madame Yotta Celeste.

PS: Please note it is Madame, not Madam.

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