Madame Yotta

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Dr Usman, surprisingly temperate, tries to calm Madame Yotta down.


I got the mail which I suppose was sent to Allstates, but don't you think your approach is rather unfriendly and arrogant? I as much as I agree to most of your disenchantment, it is equally important for you to note you are dealing with a financial institution that handles several clients world wide.

Go easy with them hence they might construe your position to mean unseriousness.


Madame Yotta wonders if there is a better bank:

Dear Dr Usman,

I understand what you are saying but I am really annoyed that the nomadic meanderings of this third rate bank teller makes me look bad in your eyes.

They do not strike me as being a very professional organization at all.

Consider the whole money thing: I am in Australia and use Australian pesos, the bank is in Nigeria and presumably deals in Nigerian nairas and yet I am supposed to pay US dollars into a British bank.

Quite unbelievable.

You say that they have several clients worldwide. I can't help feeling that if they only have 'several' customers then there is not a lot of scope for spreading the administrative costs.

Give me a bank with several tens of thousands of clients and I will show you a going concern as far as a bank goes.

You do not think much of my belief in the supernatural but I say to you that I foresee nothing but tears and unhappiness with this bank.

If I was you I would pull my money out of it.

Is there another option for me to use in order to move this transaction forward. I have not sent the money to them as I promised because I wanted your assurance that it is a wise thing to do. You are on the ground there and can better assess the state of affairs.

Please send me your advice on this matter.

Yours in spirit,

Yotta Celeste.

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

- Sidney J. Harris

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