Madame Yotta

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The following fax arrived last week. I have not reproduced it all but enough to get the flavour and highlighted some of the interesting words/phrases. Love the use of the word 'loot'.



I am Dr. Shamsudeen Usman, one of the four serving deputy governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is to notify you that I have been monitoring the activities of your agents and representatives here in Nigeria with respect to payment of your long outstanding contract sum and have discovered their hidden and diabolic intentions to divert this fund to their personal accounts for their respective mutual interests. This ugly and fraudulent phenomenon , if allowed to be perpetrated, would not only tarnish the image of this great nation vis--vis the credible reputation of The Apex bank (CBN) but would also frustate and deflect you personal coffers which will inadvertently cause you to loose your hard earned money. Consequently, and more particularly as I do not wish to step on anybody's toe by complaining to the appropriate authorities in the Apex Bank of their fraudulent and diabolic intentions, I have resolved rather, to contact you to proffer some useful suggestions that will facilitate a swift transfer of $10M USD out of your total contract sum to you account and without further fraudulent expenses and or further request for document presentation from you.

It will also interest you to note that by virtue of my position, I am directly in charge of the Federal Executive Council Fund Allocation from the Recovered Loot of the National Treasury by the part military regime...

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