Madame Yotta

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Shamsuddeen seems in no hurry.

Yotta Celeste

Thanks for the forwarded message and comments. I can understand the delay is not from you but theirs. Let me know what their response to the mail will be and there and them make submissions


The bank replies:

Yotta Celeste

Esteemed customer

We are well aware of the competitive nature of morden day banking and this is not a one man bank. I am your appointed account officer and no other person can be assigned to handle your transaction while I am still your account officer.

I have already explained the circumstances sorrounding the late response to your mails and it is important to note that these are mere delays and has nothing to do with your application to bank with us.

I have been directed to inform you to send the funds through a legal representative as the payment for account opening will be done physically in the banking hall by either yourself or your appointed representative.

The account earlier suggested to be forwarded to you today is for the transactions of the bank and not to open an account. You are also at liberty to send the funds through MR. BEN NZURUM the cahier in charge of account opening. This is just a suggestion.

Yours faithfully,

Ossy Olaniyi
Account officer/Customer services dept.

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