Madame Yotta

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Madame Yotta is not happy with the bank and says so. A copy is sent to Dr Usman.

My Good Sir,

Are you not aware that in this current environment of cut-throat business competition that service is the key to success in business?

What are you, a one man bank?

I find it most amazing that a respectable bank can grind to a halt when just one of their staff have been posted elsewhere.

When I viewed the omens for this endeavour the image projected in the crystal ball was that of a large mountain. I assumed that this meant solidity and stability. It now seems to be more a case that your processes work at a speed not unlike that which formed the mountains in the first place.

You, Sir, are a pimple on the bum of life.

I am doing my best to impress a business associate whom I suspect doubts my ability as both a woman and a business person, I does not respect my beliefs and is more than a little free with his caustic comments and you cannot process a simple application form.

I have done nothing wrong and yet I will be tarred with your incompetence.

I am after your help, Sir. Please lift your act!

Yours most unhappily,

Madame Yotta Celeste.

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