Madame Yotta

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Shamsudeen has a late onset of patience!

Yotta Celeste

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your mail and concern over the slow attitude of Allstates concerning this matter. I was out of station on assingement hence the delay in responding to this mail.

As I am not a staff or Allstates, I will suggest that you write them or your account officer and enquire why the delay. I will be ok to hear what their response will be than to wait endlessly.

Let me know the out come of your contact as soon as you have information



The bank finally replies:

Yotta Celeste

Your filled forms is hereby acknowleged. The delay in acknowledging receipt was occasioned by my absence from duty post to another branch on assignment.

An account will be forwarded to you on monday through which you will be expected to pay the initial opening account deposit.

Thanking you for your patience.

Ossy O
A/c officer/Customer Services Dept.

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