Madame Yotta

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Shamsudeen is getting impatient...

Yotta Celeste


i'm surprised over your silence. Ever since I ask you to open the account at allstates and forward the account details to enable me start the transfer process nothing has being heard. I hope and beleive you are in good health.

Could through this mail respond and update me on the position of thngs.

I will gladly appreciate a quick response from you.



...but Madame Yotta pleads innocence.

My Dear Dr Usman,

So very like a Virgo, you lovely man! I do so love your predictability.

I have not replied to you because I have been waiting for that wunch of bankers at Allstatestrust Bank to get their act together and send me the form.

It came yesterday.

I faxed it this morning.

What more could I do?

It never fails to amaze me how incompetent the people in these places are. Perhaps you, as the typically cynical Virgo, will say that I should have forseen it, but the bank sent me a form to fill out for opening a new account and at no stage did they ask for my signature.

Can you believe that? Quite incredible really.

If I was you, and most assuredly I am not, I would try to use a more professional crowd for my financial affairs.

Anyway I am now waiting for them to advise me on how I am supposed to send them the $1,500 mandatory minimum deposit needed to open the account. They are so inept I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to used something like Western Union money transfer!

Perhaps I am doing them an injustice.

Let's wait and see.

Yours spiritually,

Yotta Celeste.

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