Madame Yotta

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Shamsuddeen foots the bill.

Yotta Celeste

The forms will be sent to you before the close of work today. In the forms there certain amount of money you are expected to pay when returning the forms. Nevermind, I will take care of the payment. (Damn! You are so good to me. What have I done to deserve such a great friend?)

Should you encounter difficulty trying to return same back to me by fax, do not hesitate to scann them and email it to me as an attachement.


Madame Yotta is a little slow in answering...

Yotta Celeste


I have since on the 10th sent to you via fax the two forms for you fill and return same back to me and uptill now I,ve not read from you.

Could acknowledge receipt of the faxes Pls.


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