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Where Madame Yotta, clairvoyant, foresees a correspondence with a Nigerian Businessman.

Finished. Last addition: October 19th., 2002.
  1. The Recovered Loot of the National Treasury.
  2. I, of course, knew you would call.
  3. This is not a laughing matter.
  4. I am in constant synchronicity with the well-spring of the cosmos.
  5. No offence intended.
  6. I wonder if you were born of a woman.
  7. Thank you for your concern.
  8. Log onto the website...
  9. Nevermind, I will take care of the payment.
  10. I have you sussed out, don't I!
  11. Looking forward to reading from you soon.
  12. I will get intorch with you as soon as pursible.
  13. A wunch of bankers
  14. Thanking you for your patience.
  15. What are you, a one man bank?
  16. This is just a suggestion.
  17. I can tell you things that you would prefer that I hadn't told you.
  18. We are not diorganised as you beleive.
  19. Apart from syphilis, I mean.
  20. If I was you I would pull my money out of it.
  21. All your points and arguments are correct.
  22. I take exceptions to your use of language.
  23. It certainly looks like $15000 to me.
  24. It seems this account officer does not know his right from left.
  25. It is now crystal clear where the delay lies.
  26. I had a really weird dream last night, Dr Usman.
  27. I am not a crook.
  28. Seems your dreams do come through.
  29. Bluntly put, were you sleeping with her?
  30. If you like we could meet somewhere for coffee.
  31. I am on standby waiting for yottas return if ever she is missing at all.
  32. Chook entrails and tea leaves hold no fascination to me.
  33. Do you have any questions you would like us to ask?
  34. G-O-O-D-B-Y-E
  35. I love it when you sook.
  36. No hard feelings.
  37. I only stumbled on a file on my desk.
  38. Have a pleasant weekend.