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John Silver has received the fax.

This is rather odd though. I had written to Barrister Eke initially as Henry Witherspoon but made him too forgetful too early and the correspondence ceased. Some days later I made the approach as John Silver. Today the Power of Attorney fax came addressed to Henry Witherspoon! Is he playing games? Or was he prepared for Henry and pulled out but didn't remember to change the form? I may never know. For the moment I will press on hopefully.

Good Evening to ye, Barrister Eke,

I be thanking ye for the contents of your email most heartily and I be in possession of a fax that I am believing came from ye as it bears the secret number, "1968". I be well intending to transcribe the details therein and fax them to ye as ye be asking.

Are ye telling me that your life be in danger, that ye be needing to use codes and subterfuge for protecting your good self? Do ye live in a place inhabited with pirates and scoundrels, Sir? I be greatly amazed by this news.

Yours most heartily,

John Silver.


The Pissed Parrot Pub,
15 Vice Admiralty Courts,
YARDARM, 3300, Victoria.
Phone: 9833 XXXX
Fax: 9326 XXXX

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