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A Mr Newbery appears with some awkward news...

Dear Sir,

I must convey some most unfortunate news to you.

I am the executor of the estate of Mr John Silver.

Mr John Silver, RAN (Retired), was killed in a most unfortunate accident involving a pregnant giraffe, a Mr Whippy Van, three and a half pairs of chopsticks, a truck load of Brussels sprouts, the reserve chorus line from the stage show “Where are the Buccaneers?”, his parrot (Flint) and a large breasted woman who smelt of Camay soap and answered to the name of Lola.

I will spare you the sordid details.

In the course of winding up Mr Silver's affairs I have come across your correspondence and felt that it was appropriate to notify you of these terrible events.

It would appear, from such of the correspondence that I have read, that you had a business arrangement with Mr Silver. In order to finalise his estate I need to know if he has any debts to your organization and whether he was due any monies.

Please advise me of the state of affairs at your soonest.

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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