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A bit of embroidery:

Good Evening to ye, Barrister Eke!

I be mightily better after a week battling with the most insidious of the influenza that be plaguing a God-fearing man like meself.

Young Jim lad has been most keenly protecting me from all comers at the front door. Ye know the sorts of people I be referring to, them lasses from the local school using the bullying tactics to foist their cookies upon unsuspecting invalids, the earnest purveyors of door to door religions, and the slimiest of all, the oily gentleman in the green suit selling aluminium cladding, and me a gentleman in a brick house and all.

Not only that, he most assiduously did bat away the telephone hawkers of time-share holidays, financial planning seminars that will not cost me a single cent and, of course, the Amway distributors. He just told them that they had the wrong number, the devious little mullet!

The lad did me proud. I think I may keep him.

Now then, to business. There be no business. I have been in contact with the Pissed Parrot and there is no fax message for me to date. Are these people being seriously genuine and genuinely serious?

I be waiting your advice.

Yours ship shape,

John Silver.

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