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John Silver gives his parrot, Flint, the casting vote:

Good day to ye, Barrister Eke!

I be mighty relieved to be hearing from you, I be telling you truly. There have been mighty disturbing stories of riots and nefarious goings on in the fair country of Nigeria and I have been greatly concerned about your well being, I am telling you.

I was being much racked by the worms of indecision over the two choices that ye be offering me so I put the question to me parrot, Flint. Flint, I said, what's it to be then - diamonds and wildebeest or raw herring and clogs? Now, I be granting you that these be a poor set of options for a parrot to choose from like so I tooks me two crackers and wrote SAFR on one and HOLL on the other and offered them fairly to Flint...

Holland it is then, Barrister Eke!

I be awaiting your further instructions,

Yours most heartily,

John Silver.

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