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John Silver announces his intention to take a sailing holiday:

Ahoy there, Barrister Eke!

Ye have been mighty quiet of late and I must be telling ye that my life has been moving on in your absence.

On Friday, me parrot Flint and me is off for a cruise with me old adversary, and now me best mate, Jim Hawkins. We be plying the sweet trade for a few weeks in the coral reefs off the Whitsundays. I be looking forward to it mightily and me absent leg is itching something furious in anticipation.

If ye think ye can organise to settle your banking woes in a couple of days then you have better extract ye digit and get a move on. Jim lad will broach no delays in our departure, I warrant you that.

Failing that Sir, I will be returning from the expedition in the first week of July and I be more that content to pursue your endeavours then, if that be to your liking.

Mrs Silver will be manning the foc'sle in me absence but I be loathe to trouble her with this issue of yours. She be a fragile blossom, not one for the hurly burly of financial matters.

Yours sniffing the salt air,

John Silver.

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