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John Silver is apologetic:

Good ev'ning to ye, Barrister Eke!

I were mighty fine to get your letter this morning. It be a pleasure to be dealing with a learned gentleman and all, it would. And I must say, Sir, that I be well impressed with your tale and I be full inclined to join you in this most weaselly of endeavours.

I be apologising for me delay in replying but I was admiring the innards of one of Her Majesty's hotels due to a small discrepancy in me rum stocks.

I must be telling you that it is some years now since I plied the sweet trade in these southern waters. I be retired now and be the master of The Pissed Parrot Pub, an enterprise that manages to use a few of me more creative skills in the smuggling side of the ledger, if you get me drift.

Me telephone number is 9833 XXXX and me facsimile 9326 XXXX but I must be telling you that me hearing is not worth a pinch of poop since Old Pete's patarero went off beside me bleedin ear.

Yours from the poop deck,

John Silver.


The Pissed Parrot Pub,
15 Vice Admiralty Courts,
YARDARM, 3300, Victoria.
Phone: 9833 XXXX
Fax: 9326 XXXX

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