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John Silver must still be in the good books: some paperwork comes from the bank.
Their website is dead now, so someone must have shaken a chastising finger at them!

Good evening to ye, Barrister Eke,

I am not being to proud to tell you that I am being mighty confused by your bank people.

They be sending me some paperwork to start an account and I be quite comfortable with this as a procedural matter. What be raising me eyebrow is that the scurvy dogs be wanting me to be putting in $1,000 dollars to be kick starting the account! Can ye be believing such infamy?

I were talking to Sally Hotthighs,the barmaid what works at the Parrot (it were she what first called me 'Long John Silver'), and she be agreeing with me that in matters financial no bank be likely to turn away $30 million pieces of silver for want of an initial float, if ye see me drift.

I think this bank be a crew of blackguards and strongly suggest we kept the money from their greedy clutches and be a looking out for a more sheltered harbour to berth our monies.

What say ye, Barrister Eke?

Yours most aggitated,

John Silver.

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