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John Silver offers an explanation:

Good evening to ye Barrister Eke,

I be most sorry to be hearing that ye have a case of the flu. I be strongly recommending a bottle of rum and a hot bath to be easing your pains.

Ah, I see the problem. Many moons ago me name was John Smith. Most assuredly it was. And I did bite the bullet and have it changed by the means of a deed poll to John Silver. I felt it had a more distinguished air if you see what I be saying. It be related you see: Smith, Silversmith, Silver. It be quite logical if ye look at it that way.

The embarrassing part is that me brain what said it would sound better to be called John Silver is also prone to forget all about it, usually when I be writing. If you look back at the Power of Attorney, ye will see that me brain messed it up then too. I'd kind of hoped no-one would notice.

I can only be apologising to ye, barrister Eke.

Mrs Silver? The bint is being the bane of me life at present. She flatly refuses to rest. The silly tart took a bus trip the other day! A bus trip! Where she had to stand up and try and keep her balance while nursing four broken ribs. The woman's a worry to me, I don't mind telling ye. I think it be a good time to increase her insurance.

Thank ye for your patience,

Yours sincerely,


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