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John Silver delivers a broadside to the Maroondah Hospital. (Davey Drive, Ringwood East, 3135.)

Good Evening to ye, Barrister Eke,

I be answering this now even though it only be Sunday sot it will be a right pleasant welcome home to ye. I trust the visit went as well as it could have under the circumstances, if ye get me drift.

I am mighty pleased that ye were happy with the promissory note. I don't mind saying that I was a tad anxious writing it as I was not fully certain of what was wanting. The gentleman who notarised it for me seemed to be thinking that it was a fair thing.

Things have been less than magnificent with Mrs Silver. The hospital that saw her after the accident totally missed the fact that she had four broken ribs. Can ye believe that Barrister Eke? FOUR BROKEN RIBS! I meself find it incomprehensible that a hospital could be so bleeding incompetent.

If a patient comes in after being in a car accident and be complaining of severe pains in her ribs I'd be inclined to look at them closely like, don't ye agree, Barrister Eke? Real close like, I would. To see if they be broke, you know.

I'd be advising ye to be avoiding Maroondah Hospital if ye be in need of treatment during any visit over here. That I would.

I'll be hearing from ye in due course no doubt.

Yours wearily,

John Silver.

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