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John Silver agrees with him:

Good evening to ye Barrister Eke,

I be telling you that the phone and facsimile numbers did not go with the Pissed Parrot and most assuredly they be active for ye to contact me.

I must be telling ye that I had a brief run in with a scurvy dog in a bee-em-bleedin-double-yoo who did serious damage to the family car and left Mrs Silver with a chest full of battered ribs. Consequently I be planning to have the phone turned down real low for the next couple of days to enable her to be getting a little rest. I am sure ye will be accommodating to this.

But never fear, all through me career I have been a big fan of giving it me best shot. I be seeing no reason to be stopping now.

I be most willing to be sending ye a promissory note. Would ye have in mind any particular wording or will ye let me have me artistic head?

Yours most assuredly,

John Silver.

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