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John Silver agrees with him:

Good evening to ye, Barrister Eke,

I be hoping that ye had a good and spiritual Easter.

Ye be seeing it my way about the bank site, I was saying that it were NOT entertaining, that it were a functional bank site but like all such manifestations of the corporate beastie it be as dry and as humourless as John Winston Howard, our glorious leader. But ye must be forgiving me for getting a little political; it be no business of yours. But what I were trying to say is that the bank site was a working site, a tool the way a spanner is a tool. That be all.

I be thinking that, what with the fears of travelling in the world at present, it may be a goodly idea to used the internet option for settling this matter.

What say ye, barrister Eke?

Yours sincerely,

John Silver.

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