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John Silver thinks Option (1) is best and wonders why Barrister Eke thinks otherwise:

Good day to ye, Barrister Eke,

And a Good Friday it be, too.

I am being mightily impressed in your confidence that ye shall succeed where others have promised and failed. It fairly warms the cockles of me heart to know that I can be relying on ye. And ye have been spending money, to boot. I am hoping that ye have been keeping the receipts, Barrister Eke.

I did indeed go and look at the site ye mentioned and there is much there to be impressed with. It is certainly a grand site, as such sites go. Ye will forgive me if my enthusiasm is muted but me general feeling is that bank sites are more functional than entertaining.

But I am getting the feeling from your letter that ye be favouring me to be using the Switzerland route. Why would ye be doing this then? I would have been of the mind that the on-line options would be being the easiest of the two options.

But I am not a man who has much time for banks in any shape, much preferring me loot to be protected by lock and key and a goodly depth of sand.

If that is what ye wish, I am happy to be looking further into it.

Yours most sincerely,

John Silver

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