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John Silver, mariner, retired to a quiet life of smuggling and running the Pissed Parrot Pub. One day he gets an email:

Dear Sir

Compliment of the day to you and happy New Year Sir! I hope you will not turn down this offer again as you did last year. I personally wrote to you last year concerning your contract settlement. Unfortunately, you ignored my letter even with all my warnings concerning those that were misleading you under the pretense of rendering all needed assistance aimed at releasing your contract fund. I hope you still remember that letter which I wrote to you. (Oh misery! If only I had listened...) If you had listen to me last year you would have been paid long ago. Anyway we do not leave in the past but rather we learn lessons through events that happened in the past. This is another brand new year and you have a choice to either be wise this time or to remain deceived by some fake blind crooks that comes to you in the guise of Governor Sanusi, SeveralAccountant Generals, Several Attornies/Barristers, Several Offshore Officials from across the Globe, Several Officials from the Presidency etc. Stop listening to the crooks and try to avoid believing every sweet story you read/hear from them. It might embarrass you to hear that your name is not on the list of officially cleared contractors at the Presidency even with allyour wasted funds, efforts and time. (Surely not!)If you insist on continuing with them this year I would only wish you the fortitude to bear/endure the funds you would have lost because certainly they would not give you your contract fund. Presently, you are not owing any fee. Please do not send money to anyone anymore. (Not a penny. Not a dubloon.) Be warned!!

This year should bring some tremendous surprises to you if only you could be wise a little bit to be able to know who tells you the truth about your contract. A lot of lies and stories have been told about your contract and I know that you have lost confidence on who to trust or believe to be genuine. All what I am saying (which you should also re-examine) is that if your so called friends and helpers who asked you to disregard my frank messages of last year had been as honest, friendly and competent as they claim to be, you should not still be talking about your unpaid contract by now. (True. Very true.) They should have been able to at least transfer something (even part of the contract money) into your bank account. You have only leaved on promises upon promises which never came near any meaningful result. Be wise and ready to receive your miracle this year. I do not know the religion which you belong to but I simply want you to believe in my revelation which can only come to pass if you can be wise enough to know that you were taken for a very long ride the whole of last year. (Paganism, I think. Does that matter?) Do not allow this to happen again this year, it was like a wild goose chase last year and I am not happy that you are still suffering from this delayed payment of your contract even after all your efforts. You also need to understand the big difference between a positive (real) effort and a negative (wasteful) effort. It does not matter how much effort, time and money you put into an issue. What matters is the direction, which you follow;if you are not pushing towards the positive direction you are definitely going to fail. (Getting a bit Norman Vincent Peale-y...)

You only need to by-pass certain bureaucracies to get paid immediately. Your real and fake friends and agents of old have not been able to understand the ways. I know the right people to meet and the proper things to do in order to have your problems solved permanently within a few working days since you have already met all payment obligations. Reach me urgently if you need me and let me know also what you can do for my chambers if we should succeed in being your messiah on the actualization of this contract claim. (Hadn't planned to do anything. What did you have in mind?)

Yours faithfully

Barrister Franklin Eke - (Principal Partner).

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