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Mr Silver is pleased to get a response but has a few queries...

Good evening to ye, Barrister Eke!

I be receiving the Power of Attorney and it be suitable stamped with all sorts of good stamps. I must be telling ye that I am mightily impressed with it. Although I be a tad confused that ti were signed on the 20th but faxed on the 28th. This be a mighty slow progress for something so urgent.

Begging your pardon, Barrister Eke, but I am a little bit confused about your comment about not talking to other bodies or offices as I was not being aware that I had been doing that, ye ken? Please be explaining what is happening here.

I am being most relieved that ye have found the reason for the delay in paying me the money. Do ye plan to be sharing your knowledge with me on this matter?

Yours most heartily,

John Silver.


The Pissed Parrot Pub,
15 Vice Admiralty Courts,
YARDARM, 3300, Victoria.

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