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Time to grovel and, hopefully, distract.

Good day to ye, Barrister Eke,

I am being mightily embarrassed, I am. After I be sending you my correspondence last night I took the rather unusual step of rereading the fax I be mentioning rather careful like.

I be of the opinion that it not be from your desk, as it were.

It be from an Attorney Bill Powers and related to wanting me to be investing in some mighty fine tidal properties in Northern Australia. It be a most coincidental occurrence that the last four digits of his telephone number were being 1968.

I was a thinking that, what with the spies and pirates around your waters, your were being, shall we say, prudent and cautious.

I am being most regretful for any anxiety that I be causing your good self.

I am awaiting your own fax most eagerly,

Yours apologetically,

John Silver.


The Pissed Parrot Pub,
15 Vice Admiralty Courts,
YARDARM, 3300, Victoria.
Phone: 9833 XXXX
Fax: 9326 XXXX

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