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John Silver gives a few details and asks a question:

Good ev'ning to ye, Doctor!

I were mighty fine to get your letter this morning. It be a pleasure to be dealing with a sawbones, it would. And I must say, Sir, that I be well impressed with your tale and I be full inclined to join you in this most weaselly of endeavours.

I must be telling you that it is some years now since I plied the sweet trade in these southern waters. I be retired now and be the master of The Pissed Parrot Pub, an enterprise that manages to use a few of me more creative skills in the smuggling side of the ledger, if you get me drift.

Me company is, as I was just telling you, The Pissed Parrot Pub.

Me telephone number is xxxx xxxx and facsimile xxxx xxxx but I must be telling you that me hearing is not worth a pinch of poop since Old Pete's patarero went off beside me bleedin ear.

I be the captain of the company and those be me own numbers. Me address be below as well.

Now me bank details are a bit personal you understand and I'll be askin you to keep them to yourself, if youse would be so kind.

They be as follows:

Account: Pissed Parrot Nominees Pty Ltd
Bank: Royal Doubloon Repository
Branch: Treasury Place
BSB: 071-403
Account Number: 98801-4589

I am thinking I have answered all your questions now but there be one that troubles me mind and I do beg ye to set me aged mind at rest: what prey tell me, be a 450,000 monax axial flow turbine?

Yours from the poop deck,

John Silver.


The Pissed Parrot Pub,
15 Vice Admiralty Courts,
YARDARM, 3300, Victoria.

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