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The Prince plans a liaison in Singapore...


why have you not reply yet, for sure it has come to my convience that you are not yet ready to get married or even will ever get ready to marry.

co's i have tried all my possible best to put you in a family way since last year, but you only keep running away.

verily, verily i tell you felicity,(IT IT VERY EASY FOR A KANGAROO TO PASS THROUGH THE EYE OF A NIDDLE THAN A PROSTITUTE TO GET MARRIED). (Now, THERE'S a variation on a theme!)co's as a prostitute it will be very difficult for you to quit the business of being a harlot, co's you have tasted the sweetness of exchanging sex with diffrent men, but i am advicing you to take it easy co's there are a lot of killing disease out there.

now let us cancel this marriage plan since you are not yet ready to get married, let's go for business, guess what kind of business,i will travel to singapore to export some goods and i will spend 4days there before coming back to nigeria, so i will like to spend the few day with you in the hotel where i will lodge the name of the hotel is( ROYAL BRUNIE HILTON HOTEL SINGAPORE)please try to come over there i will be waiting for you dont' be affraid honey, it is well with us, (Hey! What do you think I am? A whore, or something? Oh....)

i will pay you the sum of (US$150:000) for the few day i will spend with you in the hotel, if you satisfy me in bed, i will connect you to some ministers and presidents which will pay you(US$100:000)per night please i will be waiting darling (pffffrt!)

prince kenneth.

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