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Next day, an envelope arrives at reception. In it there is a card, a typed letter and...a ring.

My Dearest in mind,

I am writing this short letter only to say I am sorry for whatever wrong you feel I've done to you by my words, action. Please try to forgive your Prince cos nobody is above mistakes.

I am sorry, I don't mean to hurt you mu love, please have pity on your prince, I am down on bended knee.

Prince of Anambra
The fortified & Fabulous City.

I took the ring to a local jeweller and, I must admit, he was as surprised as I was.
Neither of us were aware that Kelloggs operated in Nigeria.

A word on explanation, as a few folk have asked about this comment: Kelloggs, the cereal folk, used to put cheap toys in the cereal packets in Australia.

Oh Kenneth, my Kenneth!

The ring turned up! It is everything I expected it to be!

I shows so much about your feelings towards me and, indeed, the vigorous nature of your business empire, that permits you to send me such a gift.

Thank you so much, my darling.


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