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Mmm. Someone out there must have sent Kenneth a copy of the fake email I put on the site to see if he was reading it. He reacts badly. The area Olaleye-Iponri are the slums of Lagos.

Are you out of your mind? eeh, I never send any letter like that before to be sincere.

You a typical liar.

Why should I say that my parents are dead, if they are alive? Tell me you idiot.

Can you have the heart to say that your parents are dead when they are alive? Answer me you idiot, I donāt even know where they called olaleye-iponri in Lagos, only GOD know that my beloved parents are dead.(may GOD strike me Kenneth nwaeze to death, if my parents is alive and I said that they dead) but, also (may the same GOD strike you to death if you are accusing me falsely.) and I never tell you anything about my priest before except when you asked me to put my marriage planing with you in prayer, which I told you that I have put it in prayer sometime ago and I have a dream that same night concerning the marriage and later I tell the dream to my pastor and he advised me to ask your hands in marriage, which I have done to the extend of sending an engagement ring to Australia, how can I make myself clear to you, I have told you to leave me alone if you are not ready to get married with me, because I know that marriage is not by force I can never force you to marry me, it is just because I admired you that make me to go after marriage with you, thatās all.

Prince kenneth

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