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Kenneth swears pure thoughts. And to some extent he is telling the truth. He seems to have become quite romantically inclined to Felicity early on and, apart from some odd requests relating to used cars, has not pushed the business side.

But, his parents killed in the WTC attack? They are not in the victim list.
What were they doing there before the observation deck opened?
How many people will just give up on a $25million inheritance?

I will let him stew for the moment!


I return this morning from Anambra just to meet your letter.

Listen woman, as can see I am a busy man, I donāt have time for joking I decided to reply the you sent to for the sake of love, but my love is bringing problem to me you are the woman I fall in love with for the very first time, but you take advantage of that and take me for granted you donāt even respect me you make ridicule of me. Why? Felicity I donāt like stress in my life I know girls run after me but I donāt love you won my heart last year that I me that I met you but I canāt understand you any longer.

Concerning what you said about the first letter I sent to you. Now listen, what you see in that letter is nothing but the truth, my father has foreign account, I have tried to withdraw the money but it is very hard for me, to be sincere. Thatās why I seek for external help, I am not even talking about the money any longer coās I have spend a lot of money in the process of trying to withdraw the money.

Thatās why I never mentioned about it again some body from (California Mr. Eric) promised to assist me to withdraw the money, but on the process he find it difficult, to the extend that he advised me to forget about the money which I take his advice, he said that banks always seizes peoples money if they die before I decided to forget about the money that is how it happened

I only want to officially get married to you that is all. Or have I discussed the business with you since I meet you? Tell me

Prince Kenneth

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