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Prince Kenneth wants to approach Felicity's parents...

dear felicity,

why not stop all this tricks you are using on me you know i love you to the last i know you are just trying my loyalty if i am a bad person as you here about some nigerians all nigerian are not bad ok, wherever you see bad people good poeples are there too or are you trying to tell me that there is no bad people in australia? i heard that some bad indigines of nigeria scam some white men, i nfact those white men deserve it, guess how

for instant,(how can some bad indigines of nigeria ask some white to claim to be a next of kin to someome his name is the same to his name, who died some time ago that the white man should agree to claim the persons money as next of kin and he agree, that means the whiteman is a thief along the line those bad indingine will dupe them)do you see why i said that those whitemen deserved it.

but i never propose any business to you i only want to marry you thats all.

please stop stop dribdling me (How dare you accuse me of such a thing!) , iam for real, please tell me how to approach your parents so that i will come and discus this marrige with them or tell me what to do before i marry you pretty lady.

prince kenneth

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