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Felicity is unconvinced.

Good Afternoon Kenneth,

Below you will see a copy of the letter that you first sent me.

And you say that it is not a scam?

It came unsolicited. It offers lots of money for no work. It has a recently deceased person with an even number of US millions in a bank account that for some inexplicable reason is untouchable to all but a foreigner. And it comes from Nigeria. It looks like a scam, it smells like a scam.

You're lying to me Kenneth.



Dear Sir,

My name is Kenneth Nweze, I am 22 years old. My self and my younger sister Juliet lost our father and mother on September 11th in the United State of America. Our parents traveled to USA to visit our immediate younger sister who live in a boding school in New York, USA. Later they decided to visit the world trade Centre. It happened as a coincidence on the very day the world trade Centre was bombed and since we were orphans. We have passed through many sufferings, but our father has more than US$25million in his foreign account and there is no way I can claim that money but all the required bank document are here with me. But I have tried to claim that money and i found it difficult. I don't know whether is because I am not fully matured that makes them not to give me that money which is my birth right.

Please help me to claim that money if you can, I promise you will take 50% of that money if you can be able to claim it for me. Send me some money, Visa and your address so that i will come with those bank documents so that you will help me and claim the money in USA bank.



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