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Well, Kenneth is not taking it well at all.

He writes to Felicity:

Felicity you are a fooool !!!!!!!!!

Ive told you time without number that I am not a scammer, fraud or 419 as you called me, I know that such thing exist, but I am not that, are you deaf? How many time will I tell you this, listen you foolish woman. Sometime ago I asked you not to send any money to me or have you forgotten since I asked you not to send me any money what is the essence of the 419 you foolish woman, tell me.

If I am a scammer as called me I will not be wasting any time with you and a least I could have being discussing business with you and requesting for money, sending documents that is why I called you a foolish woman, by calling me a scammer, if I am a scammer I will not make up my mind to come to Australia and see your parents because I will be afraid, but I am not afraid because guilty conscience fears no accusations, I only fall in love with you immediately I saw your picture and I vow not loose you, now go and asked people who has been duped by those scammers the way they duped them and check our correspondences since last year you foolish woman, today is the end of my conversation with you cos I know that it will be very difficult for you to quit you prostitution business for marriage, because as I said earlier on truly, truly ( it is very easy for a kangaroo to pass through the eye of a niddle than a prostitute to get married)cos she have tested the sweetness of exchanging sex with different kinds of men and beware there are many killing diseases out there. I will say totally say good-bye to you felicity, since you insist that I am a scammer, when I am not. you judged me without evidence I am not discussing any business with you, I send no business documents to you, I requested no money from you in the name of any business, and I am willing to meet your parents. In spite of all this you said that I am a scammer.

That is the reason why I called you a foolish woman.


Enough is enough.

Prince Kenneth

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