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Kenneth's first response was to me (the real me), as that was the first email he got. There is an element of Gollum about it. Perhaps that is because of the (as yet unsighted) engagement ring?

who are you and why do you asked me to leave my presious,

please nothing can divide me with felicity except death

and pleeease dont send any mail to this address again

prince kenneth

But afterwards he changed his approach (after the Nigerian penny dropped) and, as far as I can tell from people telling me of their exploits, sent the following reply to all emails received, written as if they were all from Felicity:

Listen woman I donāt blame you for calling me a (419 )because some bad indigene has spoil the image of this country, infact I am even afraid of them, one has to be careful at all time. but just because I am a Nigeria does not mean that I am a (419 ) I am innocent of your accusations.

(May GOD strike me to death) if I kenneth nwaeze intended to dupe you whom my heart love, (but also may GOD strike you to death) if you are accusing me falsely.

since you don't have confidence in me you can now go on with your prostitution business which you love dearly. while i go on look for another pretty lady to marry co's i will be 24 years on november 11th and i want to get married soon and settle down. co's my parents are no more. so please you can go on with your harlotry business and leave me alone.

thank you.

Prince Kenneth

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