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Enough is enough. Anyone wishing to send Kenneth a message may do so below. I have not set it up to be abusive. But I would like him to get the message, in volume, that it is all over.

I have asked him to ask God what to do about our relationship. In the absence of God, I am hoping that the collective wisdom of the readers will suffice.

I think I have fixed a problem with sending the emails.

The email will say: Hi Kenneth, thank you for letting me read your letters to Felicity. They were very a very interesting. If I were God I would advise you to ...

Enter Your First Name:
Enter Your Country:
God's advice:

This form should work in Internet Explorer and Netscape but may not work in some fringe browsers. It does not work in Camino.

Note: your email address will be visible as I don't know how to remove that but no-one who comes to my site is going to fall for any Nigerian junk mail so the risk of going on a Lagos mailing list is small.

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