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Interestingly enough Kenneth indirectly refers to two issues in my 'intermission' letter: the fear of a 'face to face' and the fact that the correspondence has been going on for a year. Both remarkably appear in this letter. I think the sneaky little Ninja is reading the site. How underhand!

Dear felicity, my love.

Darling delay is dangerous; you have delayed me from getting married to you for a year now, I think it is time for us to make our wildest dreams to come true.

All I need now is your opinion how you want us to meet each other, because my opinion may not suit you, so it is better that you bring your own opinion how and where you want us to meet each other, that is all I will like to hear from you darling.

I know that marriage is not by force, I canāt force you if you donāt want me to marry you.

But I will be glad if you grant my request sweethearts.

Prince Kenneth.

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