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Felicity asks for Kenneth to pray for guidance...

Dear Kenneth, my Prince, my pillock of strength!

Welcome home! It was a very quick trip, did you get out of the airport? Do you like Chinese food? I cook it occasionally. You will have to try all sorts of cuisines with me, my darling!

I am intrigued by a sudden upsurge of religion in your letters. What has changed for you?

You say that I should read Job 1:20-21. And I have done so. But in all truth I get more consolation from Proverbs 20:11.

And yes I am alive today and no it is not by my own power. I do not know whose power is responsible but I do not find my life is hindered by this ignorance. There is much I do not understand. I admit that.

I really do believe the doctors when they say that I cannot have children and I do not believe that even intervention by God will change that.

It is funny though: you are Prince Kenneth and I am Barren Felicity!

I am not sure that I am ready to meet face to face. I am very nervous about what you will think of me.

You are religious Kenneth. You believe in God.

Pray for guidance. Ask God what we should do.

I want to know what you find out.

Your hopefully,


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