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Kenneth is back from China and takes a strong religious bent. I wonder what his vies on the ten commandments are?

Dear felicity,

My trip was a successful one, I give God the glory whenever I came back from each trip I make.

well' you asked me the God i believed in; i believe in the God that creat the universe, the creator of mankind jehova is the name jesus is his only begotten son who died on the cross of calvary.

I heard you saying there is no God; how could you say a thing like that princess, just because you lost some one dear to you does not mean that God is not existing after all I lost my parents but I still believe in God. Go and read this portion in the bible (Job chapter 1 verse 20+21) then you will read a word said by man who lost his family still he never course God. Read the portion and stop making blind arguments my love.

That you are alive today is not by your own power, or is it by your own power? Tell me.

That your younger one died untimely does not mean that God never exist after all he is not the first person that died in that age, or is he?

You need to be prayerful and be asking God to give you long life and good health.

Wellā I know that the life which you have been living as a prostitute have make you to think that God never exist. Because stubborn sinners donāt believe there is God, so darling I donāt want you to be a victim.

To make everything brief my love, I will marry you. (No, I don't think so...)

As long as I am concern you will be pregnant for me, donāt border if God will do it or not, it is my own business. Even if you remain a barren woman for the rest of your life there is no problem for that, as long as I have you with me I am ok coās I love to the last. (Oh Kenneth, you are a dear...)

now i want you to tell me how and where you want us to meet face to face you love me as much as i love darling. (Ah...)

Prince Kenneth.

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