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GOD IS IN CONTROL. Or so said the email subject line.


How could you advice me to go and look for another girl, because you cant be able to give me children, oh sweetheart I donāt expect you to say a thing like that.

Darling, let me ask you one question, (is there any thing impossible for God to do?) if the answer is (No) then why panic? My family is a devoted Christian, we believe that God can do all thing, so darling donāt cry or think again coās my redeemer liveth God is my refuge and my strong tower, darling I want you to go and read this portions in the bible (genesis chapter 16 verse 1 to 16 & genesis chapter 18 v 1 to end & chapter 21 ver 1 to 7)

Again (first book of Samuel chapter 1 verse I to 28) then you can encourage yourself that God can bless your womb and it will be fruitful again (Tricky...)

have no fear darling

Prince Kenneth

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