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Yep. Here come the tears. Actually I feel a bit weepy myself.


What kind of pain do you want to inflict on me sweethearts, you know you are the only one I have ever loved with all my heart, please try to understand my feelings, I promise to give you all the necessary love you need, I will always keep you happy I promise

Please I want you to be the mother of my children, darling please.

Because you have all the qualities I need in woman please honey.

Concerning my address you mentioned, I have no other address except that which I gave you, it is my residence address. Which is () I have no other address to my frankly speaking. But darling please, please don't return the ring to me please have pity on your prince,

Don't break my heart honey.

I am down on bended knee.

Prince Kenneth.

How did it get this messy so quickly?

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