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A side correspondence of sorts is going on about the China trip:

dear felicity,

you asked me what i want to export from china, well is all about my usuall electronics business.

a friend of mine introduce me to a company in china, the company manufactured electrical appliancies

like electric kettle, iron,vcd plates, hearter and many more.

concernig your coming to keep me company over in shanghai.

well, i have considerd what you said, may be i should logde there alone. i will only spend two day just to sign some documents don't too worry my love.

we still have more time to (stay together, sleep, eat, have funs make love together, etc ). isn't it ?

prince kennth.

Good Morning Kenneth!

I have just read your letter about sending me a ring and I am still all a bit shaky!

Thank you for telling me about the China business, we get a lot of electrical stuff from China here too.

I think it is wise not to meet in Shanghai. It was a lovely, romantic idea and, if you don't mind me saying so, very much what I have come to expect from someone as caring as you but it did seem a little impractical. Such a short visit and you will be needing to attend to the business issues as well.

Morning here, but night there. Sleep well, Kenneth.


my dear felicity,

i have a few days to spend in china co's after signing those documents and agreement they will load the goods and export them to me, i dont need to wait for the loading and shipping process i only spend a lot of time if the goods is plenty, but the company i attending in china is a new company this is my first time of buying good from that company.

your ever prince kenneth

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