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Felicity, recently returned from the grave, is complimentary but not encouraging:

Kenneth, Dear Kenneth,

When it comes to tests, I can say without fear of contradiction that you are certainly more testing than most. (I can say that, can't I?)

Yes, I have made up all those characters to test you. And your resolve in working through them and with them is quite remarkable.

But meet you in Shanghai? The idea is really quite charming. You are so very romantic! China, and Asia generally, has always fascinated me.

But it is very expensive. I went to Qantas, the Australian airline, and they said that a return flight from Melbourne to Shanghai is $2195.47 (that's Australian dollars, of course). Perhaps there is a cheaper one? What airline do you fly?

While I am flattered that you want me to meet you there that is an awful lot of money to spend! Do you really think I am worth this expense? It's your choice of course but there must be lots of other things that you could do with that money.

What goods will you be exporting to China? At times it seems that everything imported into Australia comes from China so if you have managed to reverse the flow then you have done very well indeed!

Yours in admiration,


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