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Kenneth is also not in good condition:

(The colour emphasis is his).

Dear felicity,

Don't provoke me into anger. Are you stupid? Stop deceiving yourself but not me ok.

If you like go and forge whatever you like and print it in a paper to trick me, you are wasting your time, it is all a test that you are testing me, do you think that I am a fool?

How do you expect me to believe you when I did not see the reality of what you are telling me since last year? I will never believe whatever you tell me again until I see it with my two eyes is that clear?

So stop deceiving yourself ŘI know you want to remain a prostitute, just as I have mentioned it earlier truly, truly (it is very easy for a kangaroo to pass through the eye of a Niddle than a trollopsrus or prostitute to get married). Are you deaf? Go on in exchanging sex with all kind of me that is what you want i am not disturbing you, ok.

Prince Kenneth.

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