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The Prince says enough is enough.

(The pink is his emphasis).

Dear felicity,

To make everything easier for us, let us forget bygone to be bygone, I will not tell you this again because I have discover that you have a stony heart, is that how we are going to live as husband & wife? Being sturborn and stony heart ?I came to you as a friend since October last year, since then I have been sending millions of emails to how many of my picture is with you? I have been patiently wait for the entire test, which you have been testing me since last.

You are a stony heartless woman sometime I asked myself if you could be a virtous woman to live with but I only said that with time you will change, I knew you are testing me which people impel you to test me.

I never said that you are wrong in testing me I know that you have been testing me because of some bad indigines in this country.

But the testing is too much, one good year of testing: that means if I leave myself to be dancing on your tune you may keep on testing me for ten years, while carring out your prostitution business.

Do you think I am a fool, you are there doing your prostutution business and keep me here waitng for you for marriage,

Donāt provoke me to anger ok.

Now let bygone be bygone if you really want this marriage which we have been planning for a whole year which never come to materialise, only imagination.

For the sake of love I have forgiving you whatever wrong you may think you did to me ok, and if there is any wrong I did to you forgive as well,

How do we believe ourself if we never see ourself face to face talk to each other, feel each other? I mean real.

To show you how despirate I am to make you mine, I agree to come to australia to meet your parents or is that wrong?? Tell me I have a listing ear I am not bad as you have been thinkig, it is when you come across me you will understand what I am saying.

If you are really serious about this marriage and if you really want the marriage to host,

Lets plan how to meet face to face and put everything to reallity.

Stop testing me, it is okay since I have discovered that you are testing if keep on testing me it is uselless I guess I have made myself clear

The fabulous :prince Kenneth

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