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The Prince thinks he is being tested.

dear felicity,

i am quite sure that you did'nt send any special letter of invitation to me or even preparing any wedding for the first place,my sweethearts i have told you this time without number to stop all this tricks you are using on me.

next month being october will make it one good year we knew each other one year of being communicating with each other,

i know you are just trying to know my loyalty you have been testing me since october last year, so what have you discover about me???

how do you expect me to believe you in all you have been saying,when i have'n see you face to face it is not i possible to believe. you call yourself (j cosmos newbery, issabella, rojan,maria) you are one person i have told you this time without number, i agree to come to australia so that you will see me face to face, everything we materialise instead of imaginations.

i am telling you this for the last time, if you love me as much as i have loved and if you are willing to marry me,you better stop all this tricks you are using in testing me which you have been doing since october last year are you not tired if you are not, iam

the fabulous, prince kenneth.

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